Welcome to Addiggraph Marketing Co.

Welcome to Addiggraph Marketing Company (Co). We specialize in digital marketing, small marketing projects and small business marketing needs, website design and development, and search engine optimization.

You may feel like you don’t know where to start with marketing your product or business. That is okay. Every client at Addiggraph Marketing Co. receives a marketing consult where you will walk away learning SOMETHING about marketing that you could improve upon. You aren’t supposed to be the expert, we are!

Our marketing consultants are nerds for digital marketing. They want to get to know your “why” and then start brainstorming ways to make your marketing dreams come true. Our goal is to become so familiar with your business that we could run it….. just kidding. But really, we need a thorough understanding of what you are trying to accomplish with your marketing strategy before starting any type of campaign. We want to be on the same page. Please, if you are even mildly considering our services, go fill out our marketing consult questionnaire and let us get to know you!

Every package at Addiggraph Marketing Co. is results-driven. Your investment will be backed with a Stamp of Addiggraph, (our version of ROI) and you will receive reports on how we are doing for you. You will receive reporting on a monthly basis from your marketing consultant, and we will always offer suggestions on how to be better.

Dream to Create
Design Ideas
Design Sessions
Cups of Coffee

Addiggraph’s goal is to empower you to do your own marketing, and do it well. This booster pack is a consulting session, a marketing plan, a knowledge-base, a know-how, and a service! You will be given tangible tools to set off on a 6-month digital marketing campaign for your business. Guaranteed to help you execute your own marketing strategy. It is too good to be true!

Your website is the hub of all of your digital marketing efforts. It should be professional, designed with UX in mind, and informative. It is the place your leads turn into customers. Let the Addiggraph Marketing team design and develop your website, and then send you off with the skills to maintain it.

Need signage, flyers, magazine advertisements, or any other promotional material created in your brand? Our advertising projects have direct pricing and quick turn-around.


Search. Find. Purchase. This is the premise of search engine optimization. Let us legitimize your business and get you found! Search Engine Optimization packages have a 6-month minimum contract and require access to your website for maximum results. If you only want an audit of your current SEO practices and an SEO “boost”, try the Booster Pack!

Consistent in your brand, tone, voice, and service goes a long way when it comes to marketing. Let us develop your brand guide, build you a branding suite, and begin recognition for your business.

Social media is no longer just social. Having a social media presence is integral to a larger digital marketing strategy. If this is the only place you need help, we can save you time and build natural followers! Let me let you in on a little secret…..not every social media platform is good for your company. What?! There, I said it. Your investment in your social media strategy should pay off, literally, and we will make sure you are focusing on the social strategy that will actually connect you with your customers.

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