Marketing Booster Pack


Our marketing booster pack is an audit-based marketing strategy which will empower you to take a detailed look at your marketing strategy and then give you the tools you need to improve upon it.


One-Time pAYMENT

Marketing Booster Pack

With this booster pack, you will have the tools you need to run a successful marketing booster strategy for the next 6 months.

This marketing booster pack is for people who have a little bit of time to learn the basics they need to do to accomplish a marketing goal. You already have a website? Great. It’s sort of required. You kind of have a handle on your social media but are blindly posting? Good, this pack is for you.

We are taking it back to the basics. So many small businesses or even large businesses skip the discovery period of a marketing plan and go right to sales. Marketing is first in the sales cycle, and you will find that if you spend a little time on making sure you have a goal, you can achieve it with minimal expense and stress!

The Marketing Booster Pack includes:

  • Booster Pack Marketing Discovery Questionnaire
  • Follow-up consult
  • Situational Analysis
  • 2 short-term marketing (6 months) goals
  • SEO Website Audit and Revisions
  • 6 written blogs
  • 15 target keywords
  • Branded Media Kit

After your marketing consultant hands over the Booster Pack, media files, and marketing strategy, you will have a marketing plan for the next 6 months to boost your business. There is no contract involved. You will have everything you need to get started.