SEO Services start at the basic small business level. It includes local/regional SEO and advances to national SEO. E-Commerce website’s need SEO services for their inventory and category pages, so we suggest the advanced package. Our team can manage the upload of new inventory products and optimization of those pages monthly.


Per month
6-month contract


Per month
6-month contract


Per month
6-month contract

Search Engine Optimization. Find my business.

SEO is so important to a marketing strategy. It is how your customers are going to primarily find you, unless you are lucky enough to have billboards on route 66.

Optimization is not something that you snap your fingers and it just happens. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but optimization of your website does NOT happen overnight.

For this reason, Addiggraph Marketing Co’s SEO contracts have a 6-month minimum. I know it seems strict, but we want to guarantee we get you results. Whoever is telling you they can do that in 3 months is putting a LOT of their eggs in one basket. We play it safe.

SEO strategy takes time to pan out. We have no control over the search engines, but we do know what they are looking for, so that is why we are giving you 6 months to see how the SEO strategy takes shape.

We do offer SEO audits to refresh your website and pages in our Booster Pack. If you are looking for a one-time fee and just a little bit of TLC put into your SEO strategy, head over to that page!

We can do:

  • Local SEO and National SEO
  • Integrated SEO (with search engine marketing)
  • Digital PR and Linkbuilding
  • E-Commerce optimization

Our basic SEO package (what most businesses need) starts at $300.00 per month. If you are looking for product SEO (you sell individual inventory and want those optimized), it is $1000.00 per month. The others are somewhere in-between!

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